Deep Sky Imaging and Going “Old School”

There have been some unbelievable advances in imaging in recent years that has enabled amateurs in city locations to produce stunning images of deep sky objects.

Our own Mark Tweedie shares some fantastic images of deep sky objects but like others, this time consuming endeavour is all too often thwarted by our closest celestial neighbour. So what can we do when the moon is out, the nights are short?

If you’re like me, you simply pack up until late August/early September with the hope that there will be enough clear skies and warm evenings to take images of some of the fantastic targets around at this time of year.

And then there’s the moon to deal with!

If you’re like Mark, you turn the moon’s monthly appearance into an opportunity to go “Old School” where you forget about the cooled CMOS cameras and instead, get out a sketch pad and pencil.

I must admit that I was dubious at first (I was never good at drawing) but after looking at some of the efforts Mark and others in the club have turned out, I’m starting to get it!

Nice work Mark!

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